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EasiTrack enables fleet owners to know to know the precise location of every vehicle in their entire fleet. EasiTrack's GPS tracking goes far beyond being a simple location device. Our system has been used by businesses to significantly decrease costs, reduce fuel consumption, improve employee productivity, increase asset security and much more:

1 Visualize your entire fleet in a map

With EasiTrack's high technology Google Maps you will be able to actually see your entire fleet or part of it at any given time. Learn more about How To Visualize My Fleet In A Map.

2 Lower fuel consumption

Organizing the routes of your vehicles, you can lower the driven miles, hence lowering fuel consumption. With the breadcrumb trail feature, you can actually replay the route driven by your vehicles and identify opportunities of route improvement. See how to Review The Routes Of My Vehicles.

3 Track mileage

Find out how many miles are driven per vehicle on any timeframe: per day, per week, per month, you define it. Find out about the Miles Driven Report and many other Analytical Reports.

4 Create more efficient delivery routes

Using the breadcrumb trail you can actually visualize what your drivers are doing through the day. The breadcrumb trail will show you the entire route taken by each one of your vehicles. With this information you can find out how to make more efficient your fleet routes. See more about Breadcrumb Trail.

5 Track safety

Our GPS Trackers report events related to driver behavior such as: Accelerations, Decelerations, Harsh turns, Speeding. These events will alert you of improper behavior and you can act upon it immediately. This will improve immediately the security of your fleet, and lower your insurance premiums by lowering the claims.

6 Manage vehicle maintenance

EasiTrack's Maintenance module helps you keep all the preventive maintenance task up to date. Oil change, tire rotation, insurance renewal, or any other task you need, can be programmed to be monitored automatically, based on time, miles, or engine hours. When a task is due to expire, alerts and reports are generated automatically and sent to you. You will have actionable information in time, every time. Learn more about Preventive Vehicle Maintenace.

7 Receive alerts when a vehicle crosses a perimeter

One of the most important alerts that EasiTrack provides is the Geofence Crossing alert. Be notified everytime any of your vehicles arrives to or departures from sites that you need to keep track of. Our Geofences module will keep automatic log of all such visits to any place you pre-define, so you will have the full detail of every vehicle that went to a site, the date and time, and the length of the stay. This is the best Proof Of Visit / Proof Of Service tool your company will ever have. Learn more about Geofences.

8 Track vehicle speed

EasiTrack's GPS Tracker is designed to monitor the vehicle's speed second by second. When the speed goes beyond a threshold you have preset, an alert is sent in real time via SMS and/or Email to any number of receipients. With this alerts you can curb speeding and increase your fleet safety. Read more about Real Time Alerts.

9 Improve customer service and estimated delivery time

Our Quick Dispatch Module permits identifying the closest vehicle to a service call, and dispatch such vehicle immediately with a click of a button. This module will empower your dispatcher with the necessary visibility to maximize customer service and provide very acquarate times of arrival. Learn more about Dispatching.

10 Monitor temperature level in trucks

Ideal for refrigerated trucks and vans, EasiTrack's module can be connected to up to 4 temperature probes to monitor cargo temperature. If temperature goes above or below predefined thresholds, alerts are triggered immediately, and cargo can be kept safe.

11 Audit fuel purchases

EasiTrack's Maintenance module has an option to enter or upload your fueling events. This information is actually crossed with the actual historical data of the location of your vehicles. If a fueling event is identified in a date and place where the vehicle has not been, then an exception is triggered and a potential unauthorized fuel purchase took place. Save money by curving these unauthorized fueling events!

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