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Geofences and Landmarks

Automatically track Arrivals and Departures to just any site

Receive alerts when vehicles enter authorized or unauthorized areas

What is a Geofence or a Landmark?

Geofences and Landmarks are virtual places that you create in the EasiTrack system that represent real places like: Customers, Vendors, Yards, Employees homes, Office, gas stations, etc.

  • Geofences can be circular or polygonal (see image below)
  • You can create unlimited geofences
  • EasiTrack will keep forever all the information of Arrivals and Departures to each individual geofence.
Geofences Sample

Track automatically all arrivals and departures

EasiTrack's Geofences engine allows you to automatically track every arrival and departure from every site that you create as a geofence. You will have information about: Time of Arrival, Time of Departure, Length of Stay, Who was there (driver and vehicle information). All this information can be presented in reports that will automatically arrive to your inbox in daily, weekly and/or monthly basis.

Geofences Visits

Receive Real Time alerts of arrivals and/or departures

You can set unlimited alerts of arrivals and or departures for each one of your geofences. So not only EasiTrack will log for you all the visits to your geofences, but also will send you real time alerts to those geofences that you want to monitor closely.

Geofences Alerts