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Driver Identification

Use iButtons for Driver Identification

Keep track of not only vehicles’ whereabouts but also who is Driving.

iButton is the technology used by most major fleet operators to identify the drivers in each vehicle of the fleet.

How it works

The operation of iButtons is simple yet very effective:

  • A distinctive key fob is assigned to each driver.

  • A reader is installed in the vehicle which is connected to the GPS tracking device.

  • When the driver starts the vehicle he is required to present the key fob to the key reader. This associates him with that vehicle.

    Pressing iButton
  • A LED light gives feed back to the driver that the key has been accepted

That's it!

EasiTrack automatically logs and reports all driver activity

Powerful reports are then generated from this collected data. Reports can be run by vehicle or driver for any length of time containing times of log in and outs along with durations.

iButton Report

The reports will tell you, in detail:

  • Daily detail of the time when drivers start and finish to work

  • Total hours worked per day, week, month.

  • Since the iButton logs out the driver after each long stop (predefined by you), you'll learn more about the daily routine of each one of your drivers.

  • You can also generate summary reports with total hours worked.

  • Worked hours report per driver can be exported to excel for further analysis

iButton Key chain