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With EasiTrack you get

Total Temperature Control

Monitor the temperature of your cargo in real time

Transportation is the part of the cold chain that may affect the most temperature sensitive products. Many dynamic factors such as driver behavior, reefer and trailer condition, distance to travel, and external ambient weather conditions can cause problems for products as they move from the manufacturer to the distribution center and ultimately to the store shelves for the consumer.

Temperature Probe

Monitoring the temperature during transportation is an important requirement for many industries; in fact the temperature-monitoring system is now a standard specification item for temperature-controlled transport.

With EasiTrack you can track and control the temperature of your vehicle’s cargo.

Capture temperature of cargo every second

With active Temperature-reading technology and internet-based tracking software, product temperatures can be captured, reported, and controlled in real-time from inside a reefer unit.

You can have up to four zones being monitored continuously.

Up to 4 temperature zones

Receive Real Time Alerts

EasiTrack's system allows you to set maximum and minimum temperatures per dispatch. EasiTrack device will continuously monitor the temperature level against the max and min threshold, will report them periodically, and will trigger alerts if any of the thresholds is violated.

Provide your dispatchers a perfect visibility of the temperature of your fleet

Transportation and fleet managers can use the EasiTrack solution to improve operational performance by analyzing driver behavior and better reefer management, which can save gallons of fuel per day per truck. In addition, EasiTrack can help monitor adherence to company policy to promote best practices. All of these benefits lead to improved customer satisfaction and improved profitability.

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