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DOT Compliant Eectronic Hours of Service Driver Logs

H.O.S. eLog

Electronic Hours of Service - Driver Logs

Full DOT Compliant eLog Hours of Service

eTrack eLog provides the most affordable, State of the Art, Automated Electronic Hours of Service Driver Log Application in the Industry that meets all of the new and existing DOT Regulatory Mandates.

eTrack eLog HARDWARE add-on is just $99 including special cable - ONE TIME ONLY PER VEHICLE

eTrack eLog SOFTWARE add-on is just $7.50 per user/month - Volume discounts available

Key Features

  • Seamless integration with our eTrack GPS Tracking System

  • Advanced Alerting feature lets Dispatch and Driver know of compliance issues before they become a problem

  • HOS Reporting is available on most devices with an internet connection, including mobile smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers

  • Drivers can easily perform daily inspections

  • Current Last 7 Days Drivers logs can be easily viewed, emailed or faxed upon demand

  • Emergency Alerting

  • Accident Reporting Module HOS Recap Reporting

  • Internal HOS Audit

  • Advanced Administrative and reporting features

Full compliance of DOT rules, and more...

eTrack eLog not only produces electronic hour of service logs. It also monitors new and existing compliance rules, including the following:

  • All DOT Compliance Rule Sets

  • 7 day / 60 hour and 8 day / 70 hour rules

  • 11 hour driving / 14 hour rules

  • State Variance Rule Sets / Exceptions

  • Restart rules

  • New Sleeper Berth provisions

  • Rest break rules

  • Country specific rule sets (USA and Canada)

  • And much more...

Hours of Service

Electronic Driver Logs - Integrated Vehicle Inspections and much more

eTrack eLog provides our customers a value added offering that enables the Motor Carrier and Drivers alike with total DOT Compliance!

No Costly Equipment To Purchase - Device Independent Electronic Hours of Service

Our Electronic Hours of Service Software is available in several versions. This means that drivers can use the eTrack eLog software regardless of what devices they currently use in their vehicles, eliminating the need for costly equipment purchases:

  • Web-based version

  • Native Android version

  • Native iOS version

Increased Productivity Means Increased Profitability

eTrack eLog has been designed for ease of use with the Driver in mind. An extremely user friendly application that automates many of the time consuming tasks required to track available hours and complete Driver logs.

Electronic Log DOT Compliant

The use of Electronic On Board Recording Devices (EOBR's) is going to be a requirement mandated by D.O.T. along with the use of Automated Hours of Service Logs (HOS). This new requirement will completely eliminate hand written HOS Logs and will require a driver to produce Electronic Driver Logs at all Weigh Stations and upon request.

DOT Compliant eLog

Electronic Driver Logs will permanently replace the manual driver logs shortly. This change is anticipated to be implemented in late 2015.

Many Motor Carriers are already implementing these EOBR and Electronic Driver Logs systems to get a jump on the mandates and be ahead of the curve.

Very low cost Add-On

eTrack eLog fee is $7.50 per month/driver - Volume Discounts Available