Fleet Tracking

You will be able to get the most accurate locations of your vehicles via Google Maps. You can select the vehicles you want to monitor.

Breadcrumb Trail

Using the breadcrumb trail you can actually visualize the entire route taken by each of your vehicles.


Geofences are virtual areas you can create to represent real places. It allows you to automatically track arrivals and departures from every site that you create as a geofence.

Maintenance Module

Extend the life of your vehicles and keep your fleet productive by creating unlimited preventive maintenance tasks (based on time, miles or engine hours) such as oil change, tire rotation, battery checks, air filter replacement, and much more.

Driver Identification / BLE Tags

EasiTrack provides a driver identification solution allowing you to monitor the real time location of the truck and know who the driver is. It increases operational efficiency when assigning tasks to drivers.

30+ Reports

Detailed reports can be accessed immediately or scheduled to run on a daily or weekly basis; the results can be emailed to a number of users and the information is kept in the system for up to 10 years. Examples of the reports are: All Events, Fleet Performance, TRU Compliance, Geofence Visits and many more.

Real Time Alerts

Get notified in real time of unwanted vehicle behavior or special events. These alerts can be delivered to any number of recipients via email and/or SMS.


Our Quick Dispatch Module permits identifying the closest vehicle to a service call, and dispatch such vehicle immediately with a click of a button. This module will empower your dispatcher with the necessary visibility to maximize customer service and provide very accurate times of arrival.

Hot Spots

Hot Spots are places where your drivers go with a certain frequency, that are not created as geofences. With HotSpots you can pin-point any place that is being visited by your drivers with or without your knowledge.

Mobile Application

With our eTrack Locate mobile application you can view, in real time, the whereabouts of your fleet. eTrack Locate is available for all mobile devices.

Multi-Map Tracking

MultiMaps feature helps you focus special attention in a group of vehicles. With our Multi-Map feature, you can segment your fleet in up to 4 groups and monitor each group individually.

Temperature Monitoring

With active temperature-reading technology and internet-based tracking software, product temperatures can be captured and reported in real-time from inside a reefer unit. You can have up to four zones being monitored continuously at the same time.

eLogs HOS

Easitrack eLog system provides the most affordable, state-of-the-art, automated electronic hours of service driver log application in the industry that meets all of the new and existing DOT regulatory mandates.


Remotely control your vehicles from any computer with internet access. Remotely flash lights, activate alarm or blow horn.

TRU Compliance

Easitrack is a trusted provider of California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B) for Transportation Refrigeration Unit (TRU) Compliance.

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