Why doing business with us?

Our GPS tracking system is designed to provide reliable tools and information to our customers for the purpose of monitoring and managing their fleet of vehicles and assets. With our user-friendly GPS tracking system, high-tech reliable hardware and accessible customer support team, we are prepared to support your GPS tracking needs.

Key Service Highlights:

Our dedicated support team is committed to providing the best service experience to our customers via phone, email or live chat.

Our own user-friendly platform offers the most common features in the industry and it can be easy configured to meet a wide variety of market and industry requirements for fleet management.

We offer competitive pricing and flexible business terms as well as product lifetime warranty (* Restrictions apply), 30-day money back guarantee and No contracts; seasonal customers are welcome.

Sample of Our Dynamic Features

Fleet Tracking

You will be able to get the most accurate locations of your vehicles via Google Maps. You can see your entire fleet, or select which vehicles to see.

Breadcrumb Trail

Using the Breadcrumb Trail you can actually visualize what your drivers are doing through the day. The Breadcrumb Trail will show you the entire route taken by each one of your vehicles.


Geofences are virtual places that you create in the EasiTrack System that represent real places. Geofences engine allows you to automatically track every arrival and departure from every site that you create as a geofence.

Maintenance Module

Extend the life of your vehicles and keep your fleet productive by creating unlimited preventive maintenance tasks (based on time, miles or engine hours) such as oil change, tire rotation, battery checks, air filter replacement, and much more.

Driver Identification / BLE Tags

EasiTrack provides a driver identification solution allowing you to monitor the real time location of the truck and know who the driver is. It increases operational efficiency when assigning tasks to drivers.

30+ Reports

Detailed reports can be accessed immediately or scheduled to run on a daily or weekly basis; the results can be emailed to a number of users and the information is kept in the system for up to 10 years. Examples of the reports are: All Events, Fleet Performance, TRU Compliance, Geofence Visits and many more.

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Benefits Our Platform Can Bring to Your Business

EasiTrack easy-to-use web-based and mobile applications help you improve the way you manage your fleet by letting you know all the information about your vehicles and drivers behaviors. With all this information at your fingertips you can:

  • Lower Fuel Consumption.
  • Track Mileage.
  • Create More Efficient Delivery Routes.
  • Track Safety.
  • Manage Vehicle Maintenance.
  • Receive Alerts or Notifications When a Vehicle Enters or Leaves a Perimeter.
  • Track Vehicle Speed.
  • Improve Customer Service And Estimated Delivery Time.

Competitive Prices and Flexible
Business Terms

No Contracts

Lifetime Device Warranty (Applicable to GPS Tracking Device Only)

30-day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Monthly Service: $17.99

Pay month-by-month / Seasons Welcome.

1-minute updates on regular events / Immediate updates on unexpected events / Unlimited historical data.

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